masterclass double oven glove
masterclass double oven glove

Masterclass Double Oven Glove

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Masterclass double oven glove


Masterclass Double Oven Glove


Product Features

  • Extra-thick double oven glove

  • Thick insulation for heat protection

  • With steam barrier

  • Pockets spaced 55cm apart


Ideal for getting hot pots out of the oven easily, the MasterClass Double Oven Glove is designed to provide excellent protection while also making it as easy as possible to handle your hot stockpots safely and efficiently.

With extra-thick insulation, these gloves ensure your hands remain cool while you handle pots directly from the oven. They also include a steam barrier to protect from the perils of steam and splashes, while the two pockets are widely spaced 55cm (21½”) apart to ensure maximum ease of use.