Tagine Dish 1.5lt Cast Iron Base

Tagine Dish 1.5lt Cast Iron Base

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Chilli Red Tagine 

Cast iron is ideal for making Tagines: the even heat distribution and suitability for slow cooking marries perfectly with traditional North African methods of cooking, and is more robust than terracotta as it won't crack. Use it on any type of hob (the smooth base is even suitable for use on glass), pop it in the oven and then serve it at the table.

This Tagine makes 4-6 servings. You can use the cast iron base for roasting, baking cakes and the ultimate tarte tatin, while the lid is lightweight ceramic. The double enamelled finish is long-lasting and easy to clean, by hand or in a dishwasher. Why French Cast Iron? Quite simply it's the best. The Ardennes region of France has been manufacturing premium quality cast iron cookware for generations. Chasseur cast iron is made in France and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Length: 32.000cm Width: 27.000cm Height: 21.000cm

Made in France