Wooden Pizza Peel

Wooden Pizza Peel

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Easily get pizza in and out of the oven. This high quality wooden pizza peel is a must for cooking pizza with the ease of getting it in and out of the oven and the saftey of being further away from the pizza oven with the long length.

- The wooden pizza peel should be hand washed with a soft cloth and dryed thoroughly.
To seal, wipe with food safe oil, like mineral oil, on the surface of the peel.
Do not expose the peel to a dishwasher, abrasive sponges, caustic cleaners, or acidic detergents.
Never allow the peel to be soaked in water.
Avoid leaving the peel on hot surface as this increases the chance of warping.

- Blade Head: 305 x 356mm

- Overall Length: 36"

- Material: Wood

- Hand Wash Only