Japanese utility knife 15cm

Kai Wasabi Utility Knife 15cm

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The KAI Wasabi Black Utility Knife 15cm is a high-quality utensil that every kitchen should have due to its great versatility. This knife is ideal for performing several different tasks in your kitchen. Whether you have to deal with meat or with fruits, this knife is the right one for you! Specially, this knife is perfect for slicing and chopping all types of vegetables.

This knife combines the best of the Japanese tradition and the best of the latest technology available in the world of cutlery. It is equipped with a stainless steel blade that has been hardened at 58 degrees Rockwell. This allows the knife to have higher endurance and greater durability. 


Kai Wasabi Utility Knife 15cm

The handle of the KAI Wasabi Utility Knife is made of bamboo powder and polypropylene. These materials give the handle great hygienic properties thanks to the natural anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo parts. In addition, the length of the handle is 12.7 centimeters, and it has an Oriental design, which represents the well-known Japanese tradition in the world of cutlery.

This and all the other products of the KAI Wasabi Black series are known for their outstanding quality. They are all characterised by their black handles, which is why the series is called "Wasabi Black." Another noticeable feature of all the KAI Wasabi Black kitchen knives is their polished blades. Their polished surfaces give the knives an elegant, modern look.