Traditional Steel Plate Griddle
Traditional Steel Plate Griddle
Traditional Steel Plate Griddle

Traditional Steel Plate Griddle

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30cm Steel Plate Traditional Griddle


This griddle works on all heat sources including induction. The griddle is perfect for all types of breads (soda, potato, pancakes, scones, etc.)





1. Once you have received one of our hand-made bakestones or griddles take it out of its packaging and clean the protective oil off the cooking surface thoroughly. Use an abrasive type soap pad to do this. The bakestone/griddle is then ready to be seasoned.

2. Heat the bakestone and when quite hot, carefully rub a small mix of fat or vegetable oil and salt thoroughly onto the surface. Use an oven glove to protect your hand from the heat and a thick cotton cloth for the rub, not a cloth from man-made fibres.

3. The fat and salt will burn onto the steel and after about 20 minutes there will be a smooth coating on the bakestone. Rub the fat and salt mix it all over the baking surface. Keep adding a little more fat and more salt, (only about a tablespoon at a time) rub it in, allow it to ‘burn’ on and blacken.

4. It is actually the salt which burns into the metal as well as the fats, which creates the attractive black coating, so don’t forget to use plenty in the rub, and add a sprinkle over every so often as well.

5. Allow the bakestone to cool naturally, then wash with warm water to remove the salt. From now on do not clean with any abrasive cleaning material as this will remove the smooth coating and the bakestone will have to be seasoned again.

6. When you are ready to cook, wipe a little fat or oil onto the surface and cook on a low to moderate heat.

7. After use, wash with warm soapy water, dry and store in a dry place. This is to stop rust marks appearing but if after a long storage they do, just clean off the bloom of rust and re-season if it needs it.

Note: The fat can run off the edge of the griddle if you use too much in one go. It will also smoke, so have your extractor fan on full and/or the kitchen windows open – or season the bakestone / griddle outside on a BBQ or portable stove.