Kai Wasabi Utility Knife 10cm

Kai Wasabi Utility Knife 10cm

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Not a lot of kitchen knives are so versatile and multifunctional as the KAI Wasabi Black Utility Knife. This knife is able to perform several different tasks in your kitchen. It is a great knife for dealing with several sorts of ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, and even meats! 

Most utility knives are known for their multi-purpose nature, but this knife in particular has an advantage over the other utility knives, because thanks to its Japanese design, it can cut vegetables with more precision. In fact, Japanese tradition combined with the latest technology make this knife a product of exceptional quality.


Kai Wasabi Utility Knife 10cm

The handle of this knife is made of bamboo powder and polypropylene. It comes equipped with hygienic properties thanks to the natural anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo parts. In addition, the handle has an Oriental design, and it has a length of 12.7 centimeters.

The blade is made of Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel, which gives the knife great strength and durability. Furthermore, the blade was hardened at 58 degrees Rockwell, and that allows the knife to have higher endurance. It is undeniable a blade of great quality, but in order to keep its high quality, we highly recommend not to wash the knife in the dishwasher machine.

All the products of the KAI Wasabi Black series are known for their remarkable quality, and this knife is not the exception! All the Wasabi Black kitchen knives are distinguished for having polished blades that give them an elegant look and black handles, which is why the series is named "Wasabi Black."