Kai Whetstone 3000/6000

Kai Whetstone 3000/6000

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Kai AP-0316 Stone for sharpening kai knives in the traditional Japanese way, and therefore, professional, we recommend a series of sharpening stones for sharpening.
Here you will find detailed instructions for sharpening your single or double-sided sharpening knives with traditional Japanese sharpening stones.

How to sharp a knife

1º Prior to using the wet stone it should be completely soaked in water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Please make sure that the stone is always slightly wet during the sharpening process.

2ºWhen Sahrpening single-edge Knives the ground side should be treated first. Make sure that you maintain the original angle given by the manufacturer. If at all possible apply an angle of 45° (to achieve the best possible surface). Grind towards the edge using pressure; release the pressure on the way back. Apply as often as necessary to achieve the desired degree of sharpness. Once finished on this side, turn the blade over and start on the other side but only approx. 1/10th as often as before.

Double-edged knives need the same treatment but with an angle of 15°. Both sides need to be ground evenly to restore the symmetrically ground edge.